iOS 7 Contemporary Redesign

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You learn a lot after a project is 'done'. Mainly that it's never done. I almost immediately find faults with everything I do once I drop the tunnel vision and see if through clear eyes.

This is my take on a more modern (iOS 7) design for the reporting process and is a part of a larger account driven app. There are circumstances where you might want to report an outage for say, your parents, but in this case I've limited the scope to reporting outages against your customer account address and phone numbers.

Gone are the descriptions. Not entirely sure whether or not this is the right decision given the user base but I think most people understand the difference and the additional text is just noise.

The steps have also been condensed in the sense that you never leave this single reporting screen - the full pixels show the progression. Tap your problem and the next set of options are revealed. Made a mistake? Tap your previous selection to un-check and reveal all possible options again.

Assuming your information is on file (and it should be if you're a customer) this should be a quick and easy 1, 2, 3, and 4 taps.

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