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Apple announced Big Sur, the next macOS coming this fall. This update brings a bunch of visual changes, like the most standing out - unifying the shape of the dock icons. It looks cleaner for sure, but I think the form of an icon is vital for distinguishing them as well, especially when we consider accessibility in user interfaces. Nevertheless, I like the messaging app icon, and as a form of exercise, I tried to recreate it in Blender. The key takeaways I got from it is; one, the 3D software won't let you cheat that much like in a software one's make icons. Two, you have to really pay attention to light the scene because you don't have that much of controlling the gradients on the elements like you'd have in a 2D software people usually use for making an icon. So anyway, it was a quick and fun exercise. Perhaps I'd try to recreate some other icons in the future. I'm open to suggestions. Have a nice day!

Tools: Blender 2.83 + Cycles

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