Czech Medical Herbs logo design

Medical health cross logo

I recently finalized new logo. Now its on the way to the real world applications.

Few words about how I solved clients problem with having no logo for their interesting and meaningful project:

Logo is visual metaphore of company mission to provide complex services in scope of utilizing alternative natural sources for producing effective remedy and to provide relief for patiens in instances when western medicine become inefficient.

Helvetic medical cross symbolizes cure in condition of western healthcare. Herbal leafs represents remedy that comes solely from nature sources as alternative method to mainstream pharmaceutical drugs. Specific symbolism which can be described as "pulsing energy" that grow from symmetrical composition of the logo is intentioned to communicate relief benefits of using CMH products.

Geometric shape of the CMH symbol was developed by principles of Sacred geometry. Principal shape of leafs in medical cross composition was derived entirely from Fibonacci's Golden mean and Flower of life symbol.


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