Hello Everyone!
Please welcome Dominika👋 the new member of our ValueLogic creative team!
Dominika joins us in our quest to make only outstanding designs🎨🖌
If you would like to learn more about her work, visit her profile

The first concept that Dominika brought to life for us is a task management tool that allows teams to easily measure the progress and time spent on a given task.

On the mainboard, you can see an activity chart and recent tasks marked with their degree of importance, history, and amount of time spent.

We know that setting one’s order of work is always a problem, so we created a clear list that immediately notifies you of priority tasks and helps measure time spent on a given project.

The selected palette and design are somewhat in opposition to the most popular task management tools on the market. We had the impression that they are very strict and a bit cold so we softened everything up while keeping a nice transparent format that makes task work easy.

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