Create Prototypes Using Dropbox - For Free

Create Prototypes Using Dropbox - For Free

Hey everyone,

Marvelapp is a free mobile and web prototyping service for designers. It connects directly with your design files in Dropbox (PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF) and lets you add hotspots over the top to create a prototype.

The reason why I made it was because I felt like all the other prototyping tools out there were difficult to maintain. Everytime I amended my PSD, I had to save out the PNG and reupload. Once you get to 30+ PSDs it takes longer than designing!

It hit me one day - all my design files are in Dropbox, why don't we sync PSDs from there? That way every time you hit save in Photoshop, the prototype updates in real-time.

So we did it! It's absolutely awesome for checking your designs, or doing design amends with clients. I recently chatted with a client on Skype whilst they had their iPhone in their hand checking my design changes as we chatted.

We've built it to be quick, we can process a 4-5mb PSD in a few seconds.

What it means is that showing clients designs doesn't need to take up dev resource, for agencies thats a big plus.

I would really appreciate any feedback you have, this is our early public beta, we've got lots more planned so hearing your thoughts is really important.

We're about to launch the new site but you can try it right now:


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