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I'd like a little more from my mobile music apps. For fun, I've come up with some concepts for certain features that I would like to use:

Artist Feed: Simple way to see what’s happening with the artist I like. This could be anything from new songs/videos, to tour dates, to articles/reviews, to social media posts. One place for me to see what my favorite artists are up to.

Friend Feed: To help me discover...I'd like to know more that just what my friends are listening to at the moment. I think signals such as favorited a song, created a playlist, and followed a playlist would useful. Also, I'd like feedback on when my friends like a song I've shared or followed one of my playlist.

Music Map: I've always been interested in what the music scene is like in other cities or countries. It would be really cool to zero in on a place and see what the popular songs are.

Overall, this is just a fun way to think about what I'd like in a single music addition to listening of course.

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