Programming Icons [1/2]

Hi guys! Mini-text-post up ahead; click here to see the fullview if you'd rather skip to the goods ;)

So, I finished off my last client work of the summer a few weeks ago [can't show any of it yet, but stay tuned!]. The past month or so has been busily spent catching up on obligations, preparing for a year of classes, and working on a few personal projects like this one.

I've wanted–in a general sense–to learn how to program+develop for a long time now. Unfortunately, I've never really managed to get "into" programming, and my attempts to learn have been filled with false-starts and raqequits and long pauses where I forgot everything...

This year, I'm doing things differently–I've picked a solid lesson plan to follow, figured out some basic [but rewarding!] things to make, and set up a schedule + reward system for myself to follow so that I don't get discouraged.

Best of all, I made this nifty little icon set to use for my programming files. The binder icon is for my different project folders, the graph sheet is for individual code files. Having pretty icons for things in my system makes me enjoy using them a lot, and I put a lot of time into these icons to make sure I smile every time I see them :)

I'll release free downloads shortly, once I've posted the final icon in the set sometime this week...

Enjoy! And leave lots of little feedbacks, I love those.

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

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