Foodspotting Logo

Foodspotting Logo

The Foodspotting logo itself is one of my few but proud visual design contributions to Foodspotting.

Foodspotting is not just for people who take pictures of their food, but our old "I Spot Food" logo, while beloved by the 5% who did, wasn't helping to reinforce this message. So I set out on the arduous process of coming up with a logo our team could fall in love with — one that was just as clever but broadened our message.

Here's the mark we finally embraced:

• It's an eye... for seeing great things around you.
• It's a dish… because dishes make us different!
• It's food with a bite taken out... yum.
• It's a lens... for photographing & revealing great food.

(We've also heard people say it's a smiling mouth, a distant cousin of Pac Man and a cat's head tilted to one side… all perfectly acceptable interpretations to me!)

And here's how Chloe Park applied it for iOS 7:


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