- The Official Åland Website

Over the summer, I was part of a project to rebuild the official website of the Åland Islands (an autonomous region of Finland),, which is maintained by The Government of Åland.

I built the website using WordPress, with content provided by the client and photos provided by a local photographer.

The goal of the website is to have a portal for anyone who wants to know more about Åland, be it tourists, locals, or people who are planning to move here/have recently moved here.

The website was to be clear and easy for anyone to use. It's fully responsive so that you can access it from anywhere, and I've tried to optimize it as much as possible for slow network connections.

This was a new experience for me since because it's the government's website the process was a little more strict than what I've worked with before, and the client wanted quite a lot of say in the design and structure. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, despite disagreeing with some decisions made by the client.

The site has been live since September 3rd. Do have a look at it and let me know how you think it looks. Obviously nothing can be changed anymore but I'd love to hear your feedback on what is good and what could have been better. :)

Se here for a screenshot of the old website:

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