New Yummygum Website

We've just launched our new website! It took some time and thanks to the great feedback we got from some designer friends we present the polished version of our new website.

Obvious changes
The most obvious change is in style. We went a little more 'flat' (dollar in the swear jar) but tried to give it a Yummygum-ish twist. We also got rid of Helvetica and went with a new typeface which matched our brand much better yet still isn't too emotional. For our portfolio we tried to give each portfolio item/project it's own style. Naturally we had to update the copy as well, which now focussed much more on the all-round nature of our activities, we're not trying.

Map zoom
A little fun fact; if you're outside the Netherlands of Belgium, the map on the contact page has a different zoom level. We figured people who live in the Netherlands and Belgium have a pretty good sense where Amsterdam is, whereas people outside those countries might need some help in their orientation to figure out where the Netherlands even is ;).

We want to give a massive shoutout to Jamie Brittain who helped us out with coding this son-of-a-b up! For the copy we got great help from Nicola over at Distil.

What do you guys think?

Do it!

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