Special Agent Gary Bell

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So, there's a show on the Syfy Channel called Alphas, and it's about a group of people with heightened abilities. It has a few cheesy moments, but it has a lot of great ones!

My favorite character on the show is Gary Bell, portrayed by actor Ryan Cartwright. He is an autistic man in his 20’s who’s special ability is being able to read wavelengths. In the show, they depict these wavelengths as numbers, pictures, and video that flow thorough the air. And since he's autistic he also is pretty good at speaking his mind without filters; sharing his own form of logic similar to Spock, but less condescending. If you have not, you should check the show out, it's pretty solid.

Check out the 2x and attached full view as well as a gif of the wavelengths form the show, feedback welcome. The plan is to make a series of these, one for each character, but we'll see how it goes :)

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