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I'm building & designing a small web app to manage attendance for our small mini football team (yes, this exists, check out the 4th definition on wikipedia)

Every game we seem to have the same problem: either too many or not enough players show up to the game. Mostly because they all have excuses: one person doesn't have facebook, the other doesn't read his mails enough, another will only reply to text messages, etc. etc....

That's why we wanted a central tool to help us managing the dreadful task of getting to know who can play. Everyone can login and mark if they can play or not. Even for a few weeks in advance.

This tool is still very much under construction, and if everyone on the team likes to use it we even might help out a few other teams, by offering them to use this as well.

By the way, I didn't pick the team colors, fluorescent yellow and black ;-)

Check out the attachments for real pixels

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