Night Moves

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I made this over the summer for a Skillshare class in honor of a late night visitor who has decided he likes to take his baths in my dog's water bowl on my back deck. After capturing a veritable gallery of snapshots of this character on my iPhone (he comes right up to my window and looks in as I'm working at my desk), I decided to go one better and create a poster of him. At the same time I wanted to make a comment on the Kevin Rose incident involving a raccoon which went semi-viral at oddly the same time (no rabies pun intended)... Without being overly moralistic or judgmental I wanted to make a comment about the value system which places the welfare of personal pets above wild animals in terms of value and compassion. If you google the above referenced incident you will understand why this raccoon has procured a brass knuckle. The berries, acorn and sweet corn are what raccoons normally eat in their "natural state", which has been compromised by urban sprawl, hence the overturned trash can, a symbol of their precarious state in the ecosystem of life.

Print available on Society6:

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