NYC F.C. Crest Concept 2

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  1. Pete Schwadel Pete Schwadel

    Took some criticism to the design, possibly over-did the Brooklyn Bridge, but it's all about trying to see what you can make look good. Before you ask - the sun.

    7 months ago

  2. Tomislav Tomislav

    This looks top notch. I still think you have a large white space between the sun and the bridge.

    You really nailed the bridge thought... :)

    7 months ago

  3. Marco A. Perugini Marco A. Perugini

    I like the negative space between the bridge and sun. I wouldn't change a thing.

    7 months ago

  4. Brian Gundell Brian Gundell

    I think making the rays longer and more weighted toward the bottom of the bridge would work better. The new bridge rendering is phenomenal!

    7 months ago

  5. Andrew Brynjulson Andrew Brynjulson

    @Tomislav I sort of agree that overall the mark is pretty vertical and I feel like it be shortened a bit by closing down the white space slightly. I love how the radius of the sun plays off of the radius of the bridge, and if they were a smidge closer they would relate even better.

    You've got my backing if they come calling for a logo.

    2 months ago

  6. Jerome Collinge Jerome Collinge

    Awesome, I'm loving this concept much more, beefing out the bridge really gives it that extra kick, great work !

    about 1 month ago

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