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  1. Patrick Moore Patrick Moore

    I'm working on a series of vintage inspired Pokemon characters. Figured Pikachu was the logical place to start.

    7 months ago

  2. Ryan Krause Ryan Krause

    Cubone…You've got to do cubone. He's underrated as fuq.

    Don't do zubat…nobody like zubat.


    7 months ago

  3. Dave Armstrong Dave Armstrong

    @Ryan Krause Truer words have never been said.

    I'm also gonna have to throw Marill out there. But seriously fuck zubat.


    7 months ago

  4. Ryan Krause Ryan Krause

    @Dave Armstrong I'm glad we're seeing eye to eye on this.

    Spoken like a true master *nerds cry*



    7 months ago

  5. Adam Swisher Adam Swisher


    6 months ago

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