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Last night I was thinking why does Soundcloud iPhone app have to be so poo-poo. So I thought to give it a spin of my own.

I got rid of the bottom tabs and moved all of that stuff into a slide-in navigation (or however you call it). Much more room there. Now there's your profile bit there, you see your notifications etc.

I replaced the bottom tabs with a player bar of sorts… there you can see the currently playing song, you can skip songs by swiping left/right on the bar (swipe left for the next song, right for the previous… you know the drill). Also if you swipe the player bar up, you get additional controls for turning repeat/shuffle on, for liking, reposting and commenting. This would be extremely useful if you just wanted to hear your likes on shuffle… there's no way of doing this right now. Sucks.

Finally, I added functionality for playing a song without going into the song view (the way it works right now)… just swipe left on the tune and it'll start playing. Simple.

Anyway… these are just random thoughts that popped up with my first go and stuff prolly would need to be thought through more properly. But it was fun and good practice imo.

What do you guys think?

Also sorry for the tl;dr.

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