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Hey-y! How is it going? We’ve prepared another shot for you, friends — and this time it’s another great tool for monitoring the health conditions of your pet.

How do you feel about the chosen colors? Are you for or against?

🐱 How does it work? You’ve got a pet and want to simplify the taking-care routine, yeah? You now can add all information about your pet in the app, and it will help you to control the health and (if necessary) schedule an appointment with a veterinarian or a groomer. You also have full guidelines on care and a chat with other pet owners.

🐶 What do you see? On the left, it’s an onboarding screen that tells you how the app works. On the right, it’s a dashboard with the list of your pets. You can get more details (for example, health conditions, care recommendations, or a reminder to visit a specialist) about each of them by simply tapping on their pics. Let’s say you want to make sure your four-legged friend is okay — you tap on “Veterinarian appointment” and will see all pet clinics on the map of your city (now you can apply filters and find the nearest and best one, greetings to you).

🦊 The cool thing? The whole app is cool! It will inform you if something wrong with your pet. It will give you recommendations on care. It will be a reminder to visit a doctor. In sum: a great assistant for every pet owner.

We chose soft and calm colors (and did it on purpose): we wanted it to tune you to a “chiiill, dude, we will help you” wave. All in all, pets bring us a sea of tenderness and love.

Created by Julia Tikhiy-Tishchenko

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