Radium Redesign Freebie (Sketch)

I would like to thank @Haydn Woods for an invite. Thanks, buddy! He and @Ari provided some valuable feedback and Ari picked the cool colorful album cover of Discovery to go with (you should definitively check them out).

I was really busy lately running from project to project and took a day off just to chill. That didn't last, I had that Sketch itch, so I fired it up really quick, picked one of my favorite radio apps to redesign and that's what I came up with.

You guys should totally view the full view here.
If you want to dig in the source file, you can download the fully editable Sketch source. (I had to remove some of the icons from it to not to break the license)

Shout out to @Neway Lau for the great iPhone selfie. Uh. I mean iPhone 5 template. And yeah. I gave up on Photoshop a while ago and used Pixelmator to edit the PSD.

Icons are from the Glyphish icon pack.

PS: Don't judge me for the quality and lack of details on this one, it was just a quickie made for fun AND obviously you guys.

PPS: You can check me out doing that Twitter stuff, stare on my portfolio, follow me, spread the word, whatever works for you.

PPPS: Why, you are such a brave warrior to read through all my BS. Press the L button on your keyboard for a great reward!

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Posted on Sep 11, 2013
Phil Amour
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