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  1. Isaac Paavola Isaac Paavola

    Last SocialCrunch shot I promise :P I'm about to start a side project without an NDA (finally!) so I can post something new soon.

    8 months ago

  2. Manik Rathee Manik Rathee

    This looks great.

    2 points though:
    The shadow under the header bar makes the colored border look blurry.

    And second, the 'Compare With' section could use some container to anchor it to another module or the side of the page. It feels like it is floating right now, and is vying for attention along with the main section and other side bar.

    Great work on this whole thing


    8 months ago

  3. Isaac Paavola Isaac Paavola

    @Manik Rathee Thanks, and insightful AF. I see the sidebar problem now. Should've found a way to section that in with the characteristic spectrums.

    Did you check out the real pixels with the colored bar though? It's more of an extension of the color than a shadow. When I was playing with the front-end, it was really cool for the questions to scroll underneath it.

    8 months ago

  4. Manik Rathee Manik Rathee

    @Isaac Paavola Yea I just did. If you're still working on it, you should mess around with adding the shadow on scroll. I recently did this on another project and it worked well. So on load, there is no shadow and it has a hard edge, and on scroll the shadow comes in creating the depth with the rest of the content.

    here's a really quick snippet of code:


    8 months ago

  5. Isaac Paavola Isaac Paavola

    @Manik Rathee Love it when people on dribbble get down and dirty with the details like this, especially when they have implementable suggestions.

    I did some cool nav transitions on scroll with my recent site redesign, and I like your idea of using that here. Will add to the to-do list for their unfinished front-end once they bring me back on for a bit after TechStars to polish it up. They're one of the startups at 1871 in a crazy accelerator, so I had to design all this in 2 weeks. Their developers are slammed.

    Don't ever feel unwelcome on my shots when you see things that could be improved. Seriously this community should be more about that.


    8 months ago

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