Jan Cantor

Type Night

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Type Night logot type hand-lettering illustration hand-drawn type lettering typography logo type night

Cleaned it up a bit on the letter 'T', 'N', and and the swirls on the 'g'.

About Type Night:
Type Night is a collection of nightly type and hand-lettering explorations by me. It's a side project I initiated as an outcome of my 30 Nights of Type/Hand-Lettering Challenge, which started on August 6th, 2013. I sketched or drew random words, phrases, and quotes that struck me naturally and posted them to my Instagram feed. Some of the words are just pure result of silliness and fun.

Hand-lettering and hand-drawn type is a medium I’ve always wanted to explore and try. I decided to continue this quest through Type Night. Check it out. http://typenight.co.


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