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iComics - iOS 7 Redesign

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iComics - iOS 7 Redesign icomics app design simple flat iphone ios 7

A little something I was working on, on the weekend. Here's the home screen for my app, iComics with a new, iOS 7 aligned design.

I've tried to keep the overall sizing and layout of all of the elements exactly the same as the iOS 6 design, but hopefully with this style, it'll match up with the rest of the iOS 7 system style nicely.

I'm still not a fan of making things overly flat and simple, so I will be playing with it a bit more to try and bring some more of the iOS 6 elements over to it. :D

But for the time being, onto the comic viewer redesign!

(iPhone 5 template by Mikael Eidenberg - http://dribbble.com/shots/930529-Free-Iphone-5-Template-PSD)

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