Hands Holding iPhones

Hands Holding iPhones

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When we were going through and redesigning the new MC site, we were trying to figure out a way to display apps on phones. The 'hand holding iPhone in front of a blurry picture' was pretty hot at that point, and we were trying to find a better way to handle the need to show screens in context.

We all came up with a bunch of versions before cutting out hands altogether. I can't show you ALL of them, because I still really like a bunch of them, and we might use 'em at some point. But this one probably won't make the cut...

Check out the attachement for a GIF of how I was thinking this would work. IMHO, it would play well with our AlterEgo brand, but I guess it was a little 'Too gruesome,' 'That's really weird,' and 'What is wrong with you, Dave?'

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