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  1. Jonathan Ogden Jonathan Ogden

    Some cards to give out for Rivers & Robots if people need contact info. We've been bumping into quite a few people at gigs recently asking how they can hear more stuff or get in touch so thought these might be useful. I guess they're business cards, but without the business, and with added awesome.

    8 months ago

  2. Brenton Little Brenton Little

    lookin good

    8 months ago

  3. James Young James Young

    Nice look and feel, I on the back I don't think you need the facebook.com or www. bits after those two icons :)

    8 months ago

  4. Jonathan Ogden Jonathan Ogden

    @James Young thanks! Yeah I never know what to do with facebook links in print. Do you do a link, or a 'Search Rivers & Robots' thing, or just a forward slash... weird.

    8 months ago

  5. James Young James Young

    We typically opt for the social network logo followed by the name to keep it simple (helps with alignment too!) Like this http://imgur.com/ls64UW8

    8 months ago

  6. Hannah Moore Hannah Moore

    Great pic

    7 months ago

  7. Jon Ezell Jon Ezell

    Super sexy!

    6 months ago

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