BB Tire Thread // Counters 01/15 - Logolounge 2020

Logo Trend Report // BB Exercise ⠀

This side-project is meant to be an exercise on the logo trends of the year.
(since I haven't any logo selected for this years publication haha) ⠀

The idea on this logo is preety simple: two B letters on the negative space of each piece; since I haven't any conceptual premise I've elected my own branding: BB stands for (obviously) Breno Bitencourt haha. Also of course a tire thread, or a brick texture that hide the BB acronym; I've used rotative symmetry so the B's tile together like a jigsaw puzzle. ⠀

Do you think this could be strong enought to be used on a real brand? ⠀

Plus, I've decided to work on a fictional logo concept for each of the sections created for the Logolounge 2020 Trend Report.
I'm excited to try this new stuff and hope you guys enjoy this quick journey with me as well! ⠀

The description of the trend I'm following on this shot is above, I'd love to keep the discussion on this topic flow so here goes the text: ⠀

"There are more than enough idioms in our language that lambast the individual that can’t spot the obvious: They can’t see the forest for the trees; Couldn’t see it if it hit you; Hidden in plain sight; or a personal favorite, Can’t see a hole in a ladder. Though questioning a designer’s perspective can be treacherous, their personal use of these phrases is less an insult to the viewer than an attempt to brag. They themselves have seen the obvious and if you were equally as smart you’d see it too. These logos are less about the colorfully arranged elements floating on the background but more about the negative counter space created between them. ⠀

There’s no better way to endear the public to a mark than to build margin in the design for them to participate. Recognizing the consumer’s intelligence and leaving room for discovery and the aha moment in these logos allow them to live on multiple levels. A tread forms an S, as well as a pair of arrows intersecting where diverse content joins together. A series of parallelograms represent structures with a sunset gradient on the horizon crafting a mnemonic reminder of the letter H. These marks tend to work best when simple and relatively geometric in construction. ... But who can’t see that?" ⠀

(article excerpt by Bill Gardner) ⠀

Let me know what you think about this work, my friend :)
Feedback is really highly appreciated!

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