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Letter A | Conceptual & Modern Logo Design Research #Ep. 01

Letter A | Conceptual & Modern Logo Design Research #Ep. 01

I have started researching on Conceptual, Simple & Modern Logo Designs. This design is for selling. If you are interested to buy this one, Contact me quickly. Otherwise anyone can buy this before your response. Once it been sold, It won't be sold again.

Logo Concept : The Letter "A" (45 Degree Rotated) + Rocket Concept.

Why 45 Degree Rotation?
- 45 Degree Angle shows the positive and long-term Business Growth on Business Analysis Chart.

Why Rocket?
- Because, Rocket is the symbol of Speed, Quick Business Success, Fast Growth, Quick Product Selling, Boosting Business etc.

Hopefully, you all guys would love it And don't forget to submit an inspiring comment and a huge love/like here.


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