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Hi everyone!
I am stoked to present the new eco-built design of Kuroneko, my self managed and decentralised collective. We've been working hard on our manifesto and processes to propose a true ecological production strategy to clients and govs.


If you want to work with us:
--> biz@kuroneko.io

Why eco-build a website ?

The Internet consumes about 8% of electricity produced worldwide and emits 3 to 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Devices are by far the main cause of pollution, from extracting raw materials, to transformation, transport, usages, and their end of life, usually inside a gigantic dump.
If we aim to make internet as green as possible, one of our core mission is to maintain its material infrastructure (phones, computers, tvs, servers etc) as long as possible and stop buying new devices for lame reasons —social status, small speed gain, just upgrading for the sake of upgrading, etc.

By working mainly to substitute polluting products and platorms, lowering their weight and complexity (more than 40% of functionalities aren't used), we are lowering the impact of the digital world, one project after the other.

Thank you for your interest!
Also, a quick message to give love and courage to all people fighting oppression and systemic racism.
We love you, we see you.
Be safe <3

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