Minimal Photo Sharing App Concept (676)


I don't have time to make an app but here's an idea for a ridiculous app I came up with, granted it might exist who knows.

Most services, websites and apps today are just a holding ground for what our phone's camera can capture so why even have comments, likes, profile photos, or even an interface cluttering up my eye sockets. Do you ever truly ever look back at photos you've liked? I know I don't, it's basically just giving another user recognition.

Speaking of users let's just make them mostly anonymous too. Then you'll have no need to look at a profile page again. But wouldn't that make it hard to follow people? well we'd remove that too. Having a feed on this app with all of the user's photos would be a bit cluttered, solved! limit usernames to only 2 characters. I'm sure everyone can handle seeing only 676 people's photos.

Only 676 Users at a Time

An app with only 676 users, but how would it grow? Mailbox style of course. A large waiting list where when one of the 676 users closes their account or gets kicked off. Oh and did I mention you'd be kicked off if you're not in the top 75% of users based on likes weekly. Don't post within a week? you're off the service and someone on the waiting list takes your place.

While on the waiting list you cannot share photos but you can like photos controlling who stays in the service.

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