Taras Migulko

Kreditrobot iOS mobile application interaction screens

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Dear friends, please meet - Peer to peer micro-lending platform interaction design.

I want to present the latest work of ours, a "true" peer to peer micro-lending platform. It connects people who need the money and who would like to invest across the world. No hassle with passports and National identification numbers, only your social accounts. The first version is launching in my native country Ukraine, and then after the initial validation stage will be deployed across the globe.

The credit score is based mostly on social responsibility and some smart machine learning algorithms. Investors can bid on their clientele, therefore maximizing the chance on the return. The client has deep gamification tied to social responsibility, increasing the loan amount through improving the proprietary credit score. Mix and match are based on real-time bidding across the world.

Design - Sketch
Illustrations - Illustrator
Animation - AE

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