Decatur Book Fest Ad

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Day two of posting rejected concepts and process work.

This piece was an ad for a festival we were sponsoring in Atlanta—the Decatur Book Fest. We're a huge fan of reading and books.

I attached the initial phone-photo I took of my concept for this piece. It was pretty simple—a vinyl Freddie reading with some of our favorite books. @Jason Travis has such a great eye, and suggested we stick Freddie in between books. I created a tiny book for him to read out of paper and cardboard, and Jason took the picture.

A few people had brought in their favorite books to feature in the ad, but we were legally advised to change the authors and titles to avoid copyright violations. Lain, one of our brand managers, spent time coming up with fun fake names that related to the books in ways that wouldn't get us in trouble, and I photoshopped the new names onto the each book. Bonus points if you can name the originals.

The ad looked great. Simple, fun, and something we were proud of.

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