inTeam - Modern Logo Design for a Cloud based Software Company

inTeam is a cloud-based software that helps growing companies keep cultivating their culture generating positive energy in a digital workplace. It features a company directory, organizational chart, internal news & events, enterprise social networking, recognition through digital badges, and more.

Logo Concepts : (based on the client's requirements)

1. Team/Organization Concept ( Looks like many people are doing a meeting with having their hands on the other people's shoulders).

2. "i" Concept: The people are made by many "i"s.

3. Social Network Concept: They have made an energetic and happy social network.

4. Gear/Chain Concept: The total icon looks like a part of Gear which expresses the powerful and energetic works.

Logo Story: I made the logo for a contest on 99designs in the first part of July 2017 (3 years ago). The client was amazed by my first concept and wanted to see some variations based on it. After showing those, the client was very happy with the final result. I also did their Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, and Social media Cover(Facebook) designs. You can check their website address , which is showing my logo in updated colors. Hopefully, you all guys would love it And don't forget to submit an inspiring comment and a huge love/like here.

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