Yahoo! Sports Reloaded

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, nor is this a real product being developed for Yahoo!

I'm a fan of what Yahoo did with its latest Weather App but feel the company missed the mark with the redesign of their desktop sites (Sports, Music, etc.). Maybe it's me, but it just lacks the polish I would of hoped for in a finished product from a major company.

So I took a go at providing that polish myself.

My goal was to keep the current content (it sure is a lot) but provide a bit more structure and refinement. In keeping with the idea that the background image should "leak" through each site layer, different background images ultimately affect the look and feel without altering the structure for each section.

I've attached the real pixels with different background images – check them out and see how a different image can affect the overall look and feel for each section – similar to iOS 7 I suppose.

This isn't perfect – I did this in just a couple days, but it was an exercise I enjoyed and I hope you appreciate the outcome.

Posted on Sep 3, 2013
Daniel Filler
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