Volkswagen Website Redesign


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I’m very happy and proud to present you my redesign of Volkswagen Website. It’s the biggest and greatest side project I’ve done so far in my design career. It is my utmost pleasure to finally show you my all designs now.

- Final video on YouTube (animations)
- An article on Medium (project description)
- Behance project (all details)

... or simply check all attachments :)

The site itself has several dramatical changes from the current VW site. I’ve completely redone the site navigation, concepts of all subpages and included a few animations to make the site much more visually attractive.

My whole design career is associated with website redesigns. I won one design competition in the Czech Republic with Vodafone website redesign almost 4 years ago. That event really boosted and formed my future direction and career. I have set myself a vision that once I have enough design experience I would like to do a few more redesigns. And this vision came true.

PS: You can also download all screens! (.zip)


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