Vaibhav Bhat


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Thanks! signnow internship

This summer I did an internship at SignNow, a corporate e-signing company owned by Barracuda Networks. I had a wonderful experience and I learned quite a bit about how designing for corporate clients, etc works. The team there is great and friendly, and the best part- the food is great!

I would like to thank the team for this wonderful experience. Also, a personal shoutout to @David Keegan for giving me this opportunity, being a pleasure to work with and a great mentor, and also for going out of his way to drive me to work every day.

Attached you'll find the ROI (Return on Investment) I worked on while there, and at you'll see the website redesign I worked on. Later on in the year you'll see the full mobile redesign I worked on for the SignNow app with David.


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