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  1. Kyee Kyee

    A simple video player popout for my previous shot.

    8 months ago

  2. Matt Willmott Matt Willmott

    Very nice. Can't see anything I'd do differently :)

    8 months ago

  3. Elliot Jackson Elliot Jackson

    A bit of feedback:

    Looks good overall though.


    8 months ago

  4. Will Grounds Will Grounds

    @Kyee Looks great. Interested to get you're take on the traditional modal close icon. I don't see one here, although perhaps these days they are not necessary?

    8 months ago

  5. Kyee Kyee

    @Will Grounds Actually it should be there, I hadn't added it yet. I feel like it can be a distraction if it is displayed all the time, but really that is just a personal preference than a UX issue


    8 months ago

  6. Serge Mistyukevych Serge Mistyukevych

    Well done @Kyee!

    4 months ago

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