Vector Illustration for Bohemian Coding Sketch 2.3 + Source file

The guys at Bohemian Coding have asked me to design a complex vector illustration using Sketch.

Having become a great fan of this tool in the last months, I thought it was a great opportunity to show you all how powerful Sketch is.

It took me 40 hours to complete and I had been using Sketch for about a month when I started this illustration.

As many of you know, Sketch is a simple, very well designed, intuitive and powerful tool aimed to screen designers and illustrators.

It is great for UI/web design and to create vector illustrations in an amazingly easy and intuitive way.

I am absolutely convinced that easy to grasp tools like Sketch can help many more people achieve high quality results, since the learning curve is really short and understanding and finding things around is quite easy due to its simplicity and focus.

Please, check versions @x2 and full view attached.

You can download the source file and explore it from here:

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