Antler - Modern Logo Design for a Financial ( Payroll ) Company

Antler is a global payroll platform. They are unifying payroll around the globe under one global platform.

Logo Concept : "A" + Simplified and Modernized "Antler"- which is easily readable.

I have completed this project very recently. This logo would be used especially for a dashboard of a payroll application. hopefully, it would be used on the other media soon.  The Client has chosen this option as it's very modern, simple, quickly readable, and remarkable. It's also be used on the website very soon in-sha-Allah. The website is under construction right now. You can check their website address later, which would show my logo in-sha-Allah. Hopefully, you all guys would love it And don't forget to submit an inspiring comment and a huge love/like here.

Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Shahin Srowar, who refers me to the client to do this outstanding job.


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