Resimplify... round 19?

Resimplify... round 19?

Here's the deal... I've been back and forth with what Resimplify should be. A creative agency? A design shop? A publication? The initial idea was a publication and I always find myself returning to it.

My main hesitation has been making enough money from it to support myself and others. Thing is I'm creative and I will lose sleep to ensure this will make me enough money to support myself, my family and quite possibly other people and their families. It's all up in the air, but I've spent the last 48 hours of my needed vacation working on what NEEDS TO BE BUILT.

When it comes to why I'm so interested in writing I look to John Gruber and Shawn Blanc. John in Philly, Shawn in Kansas City and me in Des Moines, Iowa.

I care about the future of design and can't stand not pointing out things I don't care for. I have the urge to publish my thoughts and the urge to design this concept in the Sketch app on my Macbook Air.

I just need this to be real. Built on WordPress. Two post formats of links and articles with comments powered by Disqus. There will be a total of 6 pages in 3 different formats.

After this I'm going to be learning about how to code my first WordPress website.

If you'd like to help me I would greatly appreciate it. It's all designed (I'll take your feedback though) Just needs developed.

Email me: byderekj [at]
Derek, founder of Resimplify

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