Jambo Media stationairy presentation

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  1. Richard de Ruijter Richard de Ruijter

    Yes! I can finally show you the result of my work. The new brand identity by Jambo Media is finally ready to show to the world. Client started using it today on their twitter, facebook and website. But in the future their website will get a restyle to fit along with the new brand too!

    8 months ago

  2. Here presented is the Jambo Media logo.

    Their main business is SEO, SEA, Webdevelopment and Website Optimalisation.

    My idea for this logo is that the internet (displayed as the globe) is full of connections.

    Making the right connections means letting your business thrive (upwards type) Jambo Media helps you to make those perfect connections.

    Hope you guys like it! I'm super proud of the result :)

    8 months ago

  3. Matt Kohn Matt Kohn

    This is great!


    8 months ago

  4. Richard de Ruijter Richard de Ruijter

    @Matt Kohn thank you! I'm very excited about this too. I haven't talked to the client yet about if i can disclose the entire presentation online but it's one of my favourite projects to date. So i hope i can show it to you all in the near future!

    8 months ago

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