I just made myself a nice blog!

Read a story now and let it carry you through the blog!
Or this one

Some of you may know I'm a pretty big photography fan. I'm always carrying a camera with me. Apart from being a really good design complement (as it will help you get rid of stock pictures dependency) it can also be an extremely powerful medium. It can inform people, tell a story. Exactly like design. The power of images mixed with little text to tell a story, a feeling, a smell a noise etc.


I've been working on this forever. i started it as my future site before just deciding to stop procrastinating and just ship something. Making a nice "blog/photoblog" was my first choice.
This is a one person job. I did both, design code and photography. The site is made in straight static html (no cms folks). It uses history.js and image lazy load for a good user experience (among many other nice code features). It is responsive and I've tried it on my iphone 5 and ipad 3. No icons are used whatsoever. Font icons ftw!

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