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  1. Mike Beecham Mike Beecham

    Just a flat concept 'edit' icon to nestle nicely into iOS7. As always, thoughts, comments, feedback, suggestions, poke fun at, etc are always actual pencils were used in the creation of this icon.

    Hit @2x for your larger might even be worth it for you...but probably not!

    Do it anyway...

    Go on!

    8 months ago

  2. aroon aroon

    Nice job !

    8 months ago

  3. Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

    @Mike Beecham your icon work is superb

    8 months ago

  4. Michael Shanks Michael Shanks

    i like the colours and the simplicity of the Pencil but for me the pencil isn't centered. If you shrunk the pencil to have the rubber end inside the darker middle it would be perfect. This would still keep it in a geometric shape and align it to the centre.

    the icon is still awesome though but the alignment is the only thing that gets to me.


    8 months ago

  5. Mandy McClausky Mandy McClausky

    Love the geometry. Maybe try swapping the yellow for the red so the eraser is pink-ish and put the yellow where the purple is to mimic wood?


    8 months ago

  6. George Gliddon George Gliddon


    8 months ago

  7. Jason Lenker Jason Lenker

    Great look... and I know the tip of the pencil hits that point, it just seems a bit too high and right for me. 2ยข

    8 months ago

  8. Just a quick rebound to see what I could come up with. Love the original.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    FREEBIE .png file with transparent background if you're so inclined.

    8 months ago

  9. Galen Gidman Galen Gidman

    Lovely colors.

    8 months ago

  10. Owen Goward Owen Goward

    This works really well as a standalone composition, but wondering if in smaller sizes it would be too busy to be readable at a glance. I guess it does depend a bit on context...

    8 months ago

  11. Shane Jeffers Shane Jeffers

    Killing it with the icons!

    8 months ago

  12. Alex Pronsky Alex Pronsky


    8 months ago

  13. Chris Ryan Baker Chris Ryan Baker

    Perfect use of symmetry

    8 months ago

  14. David Luhman David Luhman

    Damn, that is really awesome!


    8 months ago

  15. Mike Beecham Mike Beecham

    Thanks for the feedback guys...really appreciate that you liked it. I understand the arguments for the central position of the edit icon. I somehow felt it would be nicer to have it off-centre and bring the 'eraser' end of the pencil in line with the geometric lines.

    Not sure if it worked or not, but I kinda like's different.

    7 months ago

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