Carshare Signup Experience

Carshare Signup Experience

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Inspired by the iOS7's transitional experience, I crafted the Carshare's signup experience around that.

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1) The background interface blurs with a 50% black overlay and make way for the signup modal which drops from the top using a rubber band effect.

2) The user then selects if he wants to rent cars or list his car for rental. From there, the UI transitions without reloading to a larger UI (window becomes taller, top photo becomes larger, red button slides down and content appears in the middle).

3) The icons are slightly animated and show information based on the type of user you are. Visual design-wise, those icons are basic Symbolicons Line icons separated in Sketch and each layer was given a different colour to match the Carshare style. An overall drop shadow was given to the icon to add a little bit of depth.

4) The user confirms his basic info and is given an option to skip the email verification by connecting with Facebook.

5) Since Carshare depends on a trustable network, the user is given the option to verify his phone, insurance, etc. in a 3-step process.

Sorry for the long description. I'm trying to explain more my thinking process behind my projects and bring a little bit of UX to the UI on Dribbble. :)


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