Thanks Bulat Zalyayev

Thanks Bulat Zalyayev

A redesign/concept for FitBit's iPhone application.
Designed in Adobe Photoshop following Apple's new UI design guidelines for iOS7.

UI elements have been designed choosing this specific colour (as you can see also in my whatsapp redesign for iOS7): my intent was to remind the old Macintosh models (those in plastic availables in many colours) by making the homescreen still viewable while using the app - as in old Macintosh models you could see the inner parts of the computer thanks to those transparent plastic pieces - (I always loved it).

If you want to try this concept:!/users/51d4beee3b69bc36440016e9/projects/5218d739eba39cd035000180

If you want to try other concepts of mine:!/users/51d4beee3b69bc36440016e9/projects

If you want to check my other redesign projects:

Special thanks to for the invitation.
Thanks again man!


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