Here I Come San Fran!

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  1. Yao Liu Yao Liu

    I'll be moving to San Francisco and joining the design team at Flickr soon! Just like all good Dribbblers out there, here's my share of exclaiming the relocation :)

    8 months ago

  2. Vivek Vivek

    this is Awesome!

    8 months ago

  3. Jivaldi Jivaldi

    Congrats Yao! You'll love it out here!

    8 months ago

  4. Kevin Brennan Kevin Brennan

    Congratulations! Best of luck!

    8 months ago

  5. Yao Liu Yao Liu

    @Jivaldi Thanks! I really like you guys' work!

    8 months ago

  6. Yao Liu Yao Liu

    @Kevin Brennan Thanks! Definitely great to see some Calgarian Dribbblers here!

    8 months ago

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