Freelance platform — responsive data table for HR's

Hey, what's up? 👋

We wanna present a small series of screens from one of our latest projects from Belgium.

Our client hires freelancers at major US corporations (unfortunately, we can’t tell who this client, therefore we used the logo of our company 😊)

The main task was reorganize the data table with a list of responses of candidates for vacancies. The table containe about 19 important columns and we must to create an intuitive filter operation without changing the habitual user patterns.

Our team put a lot of emphasis on how people interact with this table and tried to make it more flexible, understandable and convenient. At the same time, we wanted to get away from all the gray and faceless such as Google Excel tables in the direction of brightness and friendliness.

In addition, the service supports many languages that have a different number of characters and the width of the columns may vary.

Watch carefully other screens and maybe you will find answers for your solutions in current projects.

Thanks, folks 🤟

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