Mac OS Concept - Wireless Device Connect

What if you could pair devices in 3 seconds

When connecting your devices via Bluetooth, it's rarely without any issues:

- Turning off the device, then back on
- Turning off Bluetooth, then back on
- Double-checking device battery
- Removing the device in your settings
- Pairing device as new
- Hopefully it finally connected

What if there was no frustration or time wasted when doing such a simple thing like pairing your accessories?

Less time spent turning your things on and off, going into Bluetooth settings, and try over and over again.

More time for what you were here to do – Create fantastic things!

This is a concept of how a monitor could potentially interact with devices in proximity and enhance its connectivity. I also added a few extra still shots to share the component states as well as a redesigned Bluetooth dropdown that's never been great.

◼️ Can you relate to this?
What other every-day experiences do you see can be improved?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!

Stay tuned and follow for further updates!

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