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Robot Manufacturer Logos

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Robot Manufacturer Logos  robots tabletop desert nerd iamanerd western

So I've been developing a D&D variant for a while called Steel Frontier, which is basically a Western, but everyone has giant robots. I grew up on Armored Core and Front Mission and a lot of anime.
I loved getting way too obsessive about customizing your robots in those games, and how each manufacturer had their own logos and junk. So here's some logos for the companies in Steel Frontier. Full of references to western shit I dig (bonus points if you can catch em all).
Each manufacturer functions in the game like races do in traditional D&D, (with bonuses and such) and I tried to make the personality of each one reflect in the mark. I'm still working on it but if you'd like me to send you the in progress Google Doc of the game lemme know!

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