Drone Awareness [Animated]


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  1. Brian Shepard Brian Shepard

    More stuff for The Only Certainty.

    When the player gets too close to an enemy, the drone goes into a "Suspicious" state where it searches for nearby threats onscreen (namely, you), and this icon appears above it. When the player gets far enough away the icon vanishes and the drone returns to an Unaware state.

    Feedback is much appreciated on this. I wanted to keep the communication as pure as possible without too many bells and whistles, but I still wonder if the 'searching' aspect isn't quite clear enough.

    8 months ago

  2. Jonathan Patterson Jonathan Patterson

    The searching concept comes through. One thing you might want to try if you're still unsure is to make the eye do another small left to right movement once it reaches either side of the box (in addition to the full left/right movement.)


    8 months ago

  3. Brian Shepard Brian Shepard

    You mean something like a halfway/quarter movement between the center and one side? Didn't even think of that, much appreciated. I'll have to give that a try! :D

    8 months ago

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