Private Cloud (big version )

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  1. Pietro Schirano Pietro Schirano

    Needed also a bigger version of the private cloud icon, this is the outcome! Hope you like it!


    8 months ago

  2. Joel Helin Joel Helin

    Kick-ass! I'd like to see more contrast in the steel, though! Love the gloss on the top part of the cloud!

    8 months ago

  3. Sergey Valiukh Sergey Valiukh

    Great shot! @Pietro Schirano

    8 months ago

  4. Pietro Schirano Pietro Schirano

    @Joel Helin Thank you man! Glad you like it! Yeah I would like to have a darker part on the top of the metal thing and generally more contrast, but is so difficult to balance the fluffiness of the cloud and light feeling with the a much darker metal, so I went in a way that give a nice compromise, but I am definitely work on it a bit more!

    8 months ago

  5. Pietro Schirano Pietro Schirano

    @Sergey Valiukh thank you! I saw your work. It's amazing! cheers man!

    8 months ago

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