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Freecns Cumulus is now available!

Download here

After working on it for quiet a while I am pleased to say that it is finally here! Before I want to talk about the progress I want to mention the main features. It comes along with over 100 weather specific icon, each in a black, grey or colored version. The pack is shipped with most recent file types including SVG, EPS, PDF and PNG. In addition it has a font file which is a great feature for using Cumulus in web design projects. Last but not least several cloud icon are both filled and lined.

I began to work on the pack back in April where I first had the idea to extend the current pack of Freecns. Everything started with a simple mind map that I came up with after thinking for a while which icons I wanted to create.
A few days later I began to create the first clouds. I thought each cloud, for example a cloud with raindrops, should contain a version with nothing, a sun and a moon. With that the first problem showed up. The cloud was too fat. Then I rethought every single shape until I got the right proportions.
Soon after, school forced me to stop working on the pack. The reason: Exams...
While I passed all exams I had a new idea. What about making a teaser/trailer video for this pack? Well, I thought, why not? It would be a lot of fun and it could help me to advertise the whole Freecns project. So I wrote a screenplay for each scene. I had everything already in my mind how things should look like. Next thing: I had to find some actresses. In addition I had to find places where I could film these scenes.
Thanks to my friends I could realize this trailer. After I published it to YouTube last week, several people were amazed by the scenes and the music. At this point I want to thank my friend Mael for making it.
Now here we are. Freecns Cumulus is here! Let us make the best out of it. Thanks to your support there are already new plans for new packs!

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Thank you everyone!

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