"540 icons" Step 2

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Time to uncover more details about our upcoming set. We thought it would be quite useful to have number of versions (metaphors) for each icon (for instance "portfolio" may be illustrated by "an easel", "pictures" or some special kind of a "portfolio bag"). Which makes it possible to create more than 500.0846.79938 possible icon combinations. (Don't forget we have glyphs too which "oct-quadr-fift-uples" all this to some... huge-and-hard-to-type number). Yes, it sounds like "tons of work" for us... (try telling it to Misha, aha) But ∼50% is ready. So again stay tuned and sign up. (Special thanx goes to our friends here and there who decided to "like" or/and "retweet" it.)

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